We frequently discuss the importance of games in a student’s life and how they relate to sports. No matter how much we argue that academics are important, sports are an integral part of a student’s entire growth and evolution. In reality, as is common knowledge, a number of famous athletes, including Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble, made a profession out of athletics while excelling in the classroom.

Do you know that these two Indian cricketers were studying engineering and chartered accounting before they started playing the game? The rest is history, as they say! In addition, they have achieved a great deal of success—far more than they had anticipated. Therefore, if you as a parent see that your child is showing interest in hobbies other than academics, there are a number of alternate sectors that are always open to them.

One of them is athletics. an excellent resource for physical education. All of these goals may be achieved with dedication, tenacity, practice, and the adoption of a few baby steps starting in elementary school. Let’s look at the precise effects that games and sports will have on children.

What function do sports serve in the lives of students?

Sports and games strengthen bonds between people.

Actively involved students in sports tend to become closer. Adolescents learn how to strengthen social interactions, another important component of life, because they are required to collaborate in this situation.

Through games, students gain emotional resiliency.

Sports teach kids how to be emotionally strong. Most teenagers typically experience additional emotional difficulties in their daily life, either at home or at school. Because they play sports, they develop the capacity to accept all wins and defeats. Therefore, pupils who enjoy playing video games and participating in sports are significantly better prepared to face difficult situations.

It promotes skill growth.

The most common and important games played at the high school level are basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, and cricket. Kids cannot learn skills like collaboration, leadership, patience, discipline, learning from mistakes, sportsmanship, etc. unless they participate in sports frequently. Both management and academic success depend on these qualities. So, when it comes to skill development, we could think it’s crucial.

Student athletes have a lot of financial potential.

Children who succeed in sports but suffer academically are a common occurrence. not to mention the several sports divisions. These students, who don’t show much interest in academics, can pursue professions in sports because they are aware of the importance of games in children’s lives.

Famous batsman Rahul Dravid originally wanted to pursue a career as a chartered accountant, but he decided to switch his attention to sports after finding his coursework to be uninteresting. Think about if he may have been as successful if he hadn’t decided against being a sportsman. As a result, refrain from pressuring your child to work hard in their academics alone. you never know, after all! Your son might develop into.

Sports and health: their connection.

We have all heard the proverb “all work and no play makes Jack a dull kid.” We’re not? Do you truly think that giving your kids some time to play well will be enough to keep them active and healthy? Your child gains a lot from participating in sports and games, from maintaining excellent health to fostering self-esteem and mental clarity. Sports like football, tennis, and cricket are necessary in high school.


It makes sense that education is essential for a better future, but as parents, we must never forget that our kids are still capable of accomplishing the same goals even if they are more interested in video games. They can only take one of these two routes to their desired destination.

So, starting with the first few days of school, you should encourage your kids to play as much as they can. Parents only need to choose the school that will best serve their children on this national sports day, one that values academics as highly as extracurricular activities and sports.

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